Welcome to the First Baptist Church of Lincoln!

We are a small but dynamic and growing church located in the heart of Lincoln at the corner of Broadway and Union, with a history dating back over 160 years. Here at First Baptist we are a discipleship of believers who come together to worship Jesus Christ the Lord, to serve Him, and to celebrate our faith in Him.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He sacrificed His life on the cross to save us from our sins. We worship Him not because we are good, but because we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

We realize that all people are at different stages in their spiritual lives — the discouraged, the doubters, the seekers — as well as the new Christians, the lifelong Christians and the leaders who serve our church well. We all come together to praise, to pray, to learn, to teach, to love, and to serve — and never to judge. Visitors and newcomers to the community alike are always welcome here.

Under the caring guidance of Rev. Ray Pepple, we are encouraged and challenged to be faithful followers of Jesus, to spend time with the Lord in prayer, to serve Him daily, to study the Holy Bible as our life guide, and to use our individual gifts in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ both here in Lincoln and Logan County as well as wherever the Lord may lead.


101 Broadway 

(corner of Broadway and Union)

Lincoln, Illinois 62656


Need a ride?

Call (217) 732-7409

Sunday Services

Sunday School               9 AM

Sunday Worship           10 AM

Wednesday Evening Activities

Free Fellowship Meal for all ages at 5:30 PM

Adult Bible Study 6 – 7 PM

Teen Bible Study & Children’s Activities  6– 7 PM

Bible Study



American Baptists believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, and that the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God that serves as the final written authority for living out the Christian faith.



Meet Rev. Ray Pepple and other church leaders.




The First Baptist Church of Lincoln was organized on March 10, 1856 with 11 charter members, and a call to serve the Lord. Learn more about our history.


Mission Room


The Mission Room is a community outreach program aimed at helping individuals and families make it through these difficult economic times.




Christmas Blessings

Christmas Blessings

Reverend Ray Pepple, of First Baptist Church in Lincoln, was concerned when Phyllis Martin called and said she wanted to talk to him and Deacon George Schab. Martin, 94, of Lincoln, said she wanted to give a gift that would pay tribute to her late husband Tom. To Pepple’s surprise Martin donation was a 2019 Grand Caravan that she gifted to the church. Pepple said Martin had terms the church had to meet prior to the gift.

Memories of 50-year member Beverly Tebo Bowns

When I think back over the 50 years that I have been a member of First Baptist Church, many things come to mind. I remember Sunday, September 21, 1975, when after morning worship we had a fellowship dinner followed by a bond burning ceremony. I believe the bonds had...

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