Christmas Blessings

Christmas Blessings

Reverend Ray Pepple, of First Baptist Church in Lincoln, was concerned when Phyllis Martin called and said she wanted to talk to him and Deacon George Schab. Martin, 94, of Lincoln, said she wanted to give a gift that would pay tribute to her late husband Tom. To Pepple’s surprise Martin donation was a 2019 Grand Caravan that she gifted to the church. Pepple said Martin had terms the church had to meet prior to the gift.

Memories of 50-year member Beverly Tebo Bowns

When I think back over the 50 years that I have been a member of First Baptist Church, many things come to mind. I remember Sunday, September 21, 1975, when after morning worship we had a fellowship dinner followed by a bond burning ceremony. I believe the bonds had...

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